Shooting at the gas station…(lol, that sounds different than it means!)

So we set out yesterday for a scheduled 10 hour shoot for a Gas+ video for Canadian Tire with Mark (he’s the Producer for this video) out in Woodstock Ontario.  I ran through my regular gear check/ battery charge rituals the night before and was ready to go.  The list looked like this:

This is the core of my “ready for any and everything” kit that I can use at most live events, weddings, celebrity appearances or other “run-n-gun” style shoots.  I though it was an appropriate set up for this shoot as well, so…I packed it.

So, this is a gas station at the side of a highway between Toronto and Windsor and although it is the new concept gas station…it is still just a gas station.  Nothing wrong with shooting a gas station.  I mean, gas stations and new concept stores all have a message that needs to be conveyed to someone, and it’s just as important as any other video and it’s message.  What I mean is, well to be blunt…I can shoot a gas station in 4 hours, easy!  It’s just that it’s way out in Woodstock and, well…it’s a gas station! Anyways, I just looked at it as just another opportunity to hone skills, play with toys and show people how my eyes see things.  I guess that because I have that kind of mind-set (see sentence about honing skills, playing with toys blah, blah, blah), I am always anxious to shoot, no matter what it is and I really do try to do something different or better each time I get the opportunity to work.  So, I ran some time lapse with a 7D using a remote to trigger shots every 2 seconds, I did some GoPro time lapse, ripped up and down the highway with the GoPro on the hood of the Canadian Tire-mobile…you know…had me some fun!  We shot outside before lunch…ate…then shot inside the gas bar for about and hour and a half…then home.  Easy shoot!  I’m not sure if I can post this video because it’s pretty “internal”…but I’ll see.  I will post a video that was a similar kind of shoot; cpl hours shooting, GoPro for time lapse, same gear, etc.  This one does have a bit of audio in it.  Again, I know it’s not related to the shoot I just did, but I want those of you that have honoured me by reading my blog (thanks you!) to have something other than text to hold your interest.

Check out this shot of me working the highway-side gas station yesterday.

Till next time

Shoot straight!

Joe- Zacuto and Canon

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